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teen book festival
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Official Event Schedule

March 10, 2018

Washington-Lee High School


8:30-9:45 – Writing Workshops: “First Words for Teen Writers”  hosted by Christina June and Katy Upperman; and “Plot Like a Pro” hosted by author Martina Boone (*SOLD OUT*) Attendees must have pre-registered for these workshops.


9:00 Am – Doors Open

9:30 Am – Intro


9:45-10:25 AM

Main Panel: “24k Magic”

The worlds in these novels are infused with magic, but who controls that magic and who lets it control them?

  • Audrey Coulthurst (INKMISTRESS)
  • A.C. Gaughen (REIGN THE EARTH)


Game Panel: Password

  • Karen McManus
  • Rachel Hartman
  • Sarah Glenn Marsh
  • Atia Abawi


Mini Panel: “Somebody To Love”

Sometimes the one you want isn’t the one you should be with, and sometimes it’s complicated. These authors discuss the ins and outs of contemporary YA romance.

Moderator: Kristen Lippert-Martin (INCOGNITA)

  • Katy Upperman (KISSING MAX HOLDEN)
  • Sarah Nicole Lemon (DONE DIRT CHEAP)
  • Christina June (IT STARTED WITH GOODBYE)
  • Robin Talley (AS I DESCENDED)


10:35 – 11:15 AM

Main Panel: “The Power”

From super powers to empowerment, these characters use their strength and their voice to create change—but you know what they say about power…

  • Shaun David Hutchinson (THE APOCALYPSE OF ELENA MENDOZA)
  • Jennifer Mathieu (MOXIE)
  • Dhonielle Clayton (THE BELLES)
  • Sam Miller (THE ART OF STARVING)


Game Panel: Smash The Buzzer

  • Dana Mele
  • Meagan Spooner
  • Scott Reintgen
  • Audrey Coulthurst


Mini Panel: “Look What You Made Me Do”

Not everyone is a hero. These protagonists have some questionable morals, including a few who seem to be okay with homicide.

Moderator: Tiffany Jackson (ALLEGEDLY)

  • Linsey Miller
  • Karen McManus
  • Alexandra Christo


11:25-11:55 AM

Spotlight Panel: Tomi Adeyemi in conversation with Dhonielle Clayton

(Little Theater)


Game Panel: Hearing Things

  • Shaun David Hutchinson
  • Eric Smith
  • Brigid Kemmerer


Breakout Sessions

  • Room #1014: Arvin Ahmadi, Atia Abawi
  • Room #1011: Linsey Miller, Rachel Hartman
  • Room #1401: Jennifer Mathieu, Dana Mele
  • Room #2012: Karen McManus, Sam Miller
  • Room #2013: Alexandra Christo, Meagan Spooner
  • Room #2016: Megan Miranda, Kimberly Reid
  • Room #2017: Jodi Meadows, K. Ancrum
  • Room #2018: Anna-Marie McLemore
  • Room #2019: Audrey Coulthurst, Sarah Glenn Marsh
  • Room #2020: Scott Reintgen, A.C. Gaughen


12:00 – 12:30 PM


Family Feud With Local Authors: Christina June, Katy Upperman, Kosoko Jackson, Martina Boone, Lisa Maxwell, Caroline Tung Richmond, Robin Talley, Aubrie Nixon, Sarah Nicole Lemon, Lindsay Smith


12:40-1:20 PM

Main Panel: “We Are Family”

Arguably the strongest human bond is that between family, and these stories reflect the light and dark sides of that connection, including estranged parents, refugee siblings fighting for their lives, adoption, and a family curse.

  • Brigid Kemmerer (MORE THAN WE CAN TELL)
  • Anna-Marie McLemore (WILD BEAUTY)
  • Eric Smith (WELCOME HOME)


Game Panel: The Dating Game

  • Linsey Miller
  • Sam Miller
  • Dhonielle Clayton
  • Kimberly Reid


Mini Panel: “If I Could Turn Back Time”

Take a trip to another era, whether real or imagined, as there is power in exploring history.

Moderator: Kristen Lippert-Martin

  • Caroline Tung Richmond (LIVE IN INFAMY)
  • Lisa Maxwell (THE LAST MAGICIAN)
  • Kosoko Jackson (A PLACE FOR WOLVES)


1:30-2:10 PM

Main Panel: “Royals”

Politics and palace intrigue! From the king’s personal necromancer to a disgraced daughter drinking dungeon water, these characters must navigate the schemes and conspiracies afoot in royal courts.

  • Jodi Meadows (BEFORE SHE IGNITES)
  • Linsey Miller (MASK OF SHADOWS)
  • Sarah Glenn Marsh (REIGN OF THE FALLEN)
  • Alexandra Christo (TO KILL A KINGDOM)


Game Panel: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

  • Susan Dennard
  • Jennifer Mathieu
  • Megan Miranda
  • K. Ancrum


Mini Panel: “We’re All In This Together”

Editing anthologies and contributing short stories

  • Shaun David Hutchinson
  • Anna-Marie McLemore
  • Eric Smith


2:20-3:00 PM

Main Panel: “Go The Distance

Games and puzzles, quests and crusades. Everyone is seeking something on their journey—redemption, security, freedom, purpose—and it will take help from the people they meet along the way.

  • Rachel Hartman (TESS OF THE ROAD)
  • Meagan Spooner (UNEARTHED)
  • Arvin Ahmadi (DOWN AND ACROSS)
  • Scott Reintgen (NYXIA)


Game Panel: Mad Libs

  • Tomi Adeyemi
  • Alexandra Christo
  • Jodi Meadows


Mini Panel: “The Climb”

From querying to publication, these authors discuss the process of writing.

      Moderator: Kristen Lippert-Martin

  • Lindsay Smith (WEB OF FROST)
  • Aubrie Nixon (SECRET OF SOULS)


3:10 -3:40 PM

Mini Panel: “Excuse Me” (Auditorium)

The co-authors discuss their novel SOLO.

  • Kwame Alexander (THE CROSSOVER)
  • Mary Rand Hess


Breakout Sessions:

  • Room #1014: Shaun David Hutchinson, K. Ancrum
  • Room #1011: Jodi Meadows, Brigid Kemmerer
  • Room #1401: Audrey Coulthurst, Susan Dennard, Scott Reintgen
  • Room #2012: Dhonielle Clayton, Eric Smith
  • Room #2013: Tomi Adeyemi, Anna-Marie McLemore
  • Room #2016: Sarah Glenn Marsh, A.C. Gaughen
  • Room #2107: Sam Miller, Dana Mele
  • Room #2018: Kimberly Reid, Atia Abawi
  • Room #2019: Arvin Ahmadi, Jennifer Mathieu
  • Room #2020: Meagan Spooner, Megan Miranda


3:40 – 4:30 PM

Main Panel: “Thriller”

Deadly detention and dodging the CIA in study hall are just part of everyday life for the high school students in these suspense filled stories.

  • Dana Mele (PEOPLE LIKE US)
  • Kimberly Reid (PRETTYBOY MUST DIE)
  • Karen McManus (ONE OF US IS LYING)
  • Megan Miranda (FRAGMENTS OF THE LOST)
  • K. Ancrum (THE WICKER KING)


Mini Panel: “You’ve Got A Friend In Me”

Authors discuss writing companion novels to their earlier works.

  • Susan Dennard
  • Brigid Kemmerer
  • Rachel Hartman


Game Panel: Balderdash

  • Kwame Alexander
  • Mary Rand Hess
  • A.C. Gaughen
  • Arvin Ahmadi


4:40-5:00 PM: Keynote from Anne-Marie McLemore

**Signing to follow in cafeteria


Game Panels: Little Theater

Mini Panels: Choir Room (#1404)


Educators: Be sure to check out the EDUline, with events just for you happening throughout the day.

·         10:35 – 11:15     Author Speed Dating: Educators, as you sit and relax, authors will make the rounds in the room, each spending about 5 minutes at your table to chat about their books, about possibilities for partnerships your school, about whatever is on your mind!

·         11:25 – 11:55     Author Panel: Three area authors will answer your questions about ways to develop partnerships, including school visits.                   

·         12:00 – 12:30     Author-Educator Lunch Mixer: An opportunity for informal conversations with some local authors. We’ll have snacks on hand, and you’re welcome to bring your own lunch in!

·         12:40 – 1:20     Author Speed Dating: Same set-up as the a.m. session, but completely different authors! So you’ll want to hit both.