March 14, 2020


Marshall High School, Falls Church, VA
9:00 AM

Doors Open

9:30 – 9:45 AM

Festival Welcome

9:45 – 10:25 AM
Main Stage Panel:​ ​Characters with BITE

How do you create a character that readers connect with so heartily? These writers have given us some truly memorable fictional friends. Moderator: Amanda Quain

  • Mackenzi Lee, M.K. England & Katie McGarry


Mini Panel: A Story Di-PIE-ded?, B Stage

Sometimes you can’t see the whole story without looking at it from different points of view, as these authors demonstrate with their narratives of multiple perspectives. Moderator: Anna Bright

  • Siobhan Vivian, Mia García & Alexandra Monir
10:35 – 11:15 AM
Main Stage Panel: PIE Stakes

It’s a lot of pressure trying to save the world/save your family/save reality from collapsing into a menagerie of dreams controlled by a drag queen sorceress. Moderator: Rebecca Speas

  • Brigid Kemmerer, Alexandra Monir, Ryan La Sala & Alechia Dow


Mini Panel: Pe-CON Artists, A110

Big, little lies and secrets abound! Meet these likeable criminals whose scams range from magic smuggling to a modern Cyrano de Bergerac. Moderator: Angeline Boulley

  • M.K. England, Kristen Simmons & Ariel Kaplan


Mini Panel: CRUST the Process: Authors Share Their Writing Journeys, A Stage

Four authors share their experiences from drafting to publication. Moderator: Niki Wolf

  • Nandi Taylor, Katy Upperman, Katie McGarry & Robin Ha


Mini Panel: Stories Matter: Teen Authors Discuss the Power of Stories and Their Paths to Publication and Beyond, B Stage

Teen authors from the New Wave Muslim Initiative discuss the importance of sharing their stories, their experiences writing and publishing, and how publication has impacted their lives. Moderator: Caroline Tung Richmond

  • Bilal Saleem, Samaa Eldadah,  Fatima Rafie, Sasa Aakil, Noor Saleem
11:25 AM – 12:05 PM
Main Stage Panel: Getting Their Piece of the PIE

These books are full of secrets, manipulation, and vengeance. What will a con artist, a vengeful ghost of a cheerleader, the medium she’s haunting, and a field hockey team do to get–or keep–what’s theirs? Moderator: Amanda Quain

  • Siobhan Vivian, Mintie Das & Kristen Simmons


Mini Panel: BAKING Other Worlds, B Stage

Sweeping Fantasy worlds don’t just spring up out of thin air. These authors discuss what it takes to create fantastical settings. Moderator: Anna Bright

  • Brigid Kemmerer, Adalyn Grace & Nandi Taylor


Mini Panel: Great TASTE in BUDS, A110

Pen pals, friend groups, and catastrophic ends: intense friendships can be a lifeline or they can break your heart. Moderator: Kit Ballenger

  • Zack Smedley, Ashley Woodfolk & Olivia Hinebaugh


Game Panel: Smash the (PIE) Buzzer, A Stage

How well do our authors know your favorite books? Come watch these fierce competitors test their YA knowledge, their buzzer-smashing speed, and most importantly, their smack talk abilities!

  • F.C. Yee, Ryan La Sala, Christina June, Alechia Dow & Mackenzi Lee
12:15 – 12:45 PM
Main Stage Lunch Game: No Harm, No Vowel

Time to see how hungry these authors are for competition! Speed is the name of the game as author-contestants try to guess the titles of our favorite YA books and earn points for their team.

  • Ariel Kaplan, Mia García, Caroline Tung Richmond, Danielle Stinson & Olivia Hinebaugh

Food Trucks will be available for breakfast and lunch near the One More Page Books sales tables, close to the auditorium.

12:55 – 1:25 PM
Breakout Sessions with Audience Q&A’s
  • On a Boat, Room #A110: Anna Bright & Adalyn Grace
  • Otherworldly Love Interests, Room #A108: Alechia Dow & Nandi Taylor
  • Female Friendship, Room #A106: Ashley Woodfolk & Ariel Kaplan
  • Food as a Secondary Character, Room #E103: Caroline Tung Richmond & Mia García
  • Summer of Exile, Room #E105: Katy Upperman & Christina June
  • Critique Partners, Room #E107: Olivia Hinebaugh & Danielle Stinson
  • Senior Year Vibes, Room B Stage: M.K. England & F.C. Yee
  • Before/After You, Room #B114: Zack Smedley & Ismée Williams
  • Perfectly Queer, Room #B116: Phil Stamper & Ryan La Sala
  • Creating Graphic Novels & Memoirs, Room A Stage: Robin Ha
1:35 – 2:15 PM
Main Stage Panel: FulFILLING Your Destiny

Having a position of power with your name on it sounds like a sweet deal, but there’s always a catch… These characters struggle with embracing (or avoiding) their often magical destinies. Moderator: Kristen Lippert-Martin

  • F.C. Yee, Brigid Kemmerer, Nandi Taylor & Adalyn Grace


Mini Panel: SWEET on You, B Stage

From meet-cutes to breakups to ever-afters, these authors discuss the complexities of writing romantic relationships. Moderator: Angeline Boulley

  • Mackenzi Lee, Alechia Dow & Ismée Williams


Mini Panel: Fresh from the Oven, A110

Four fabulous authors with recent books share their experiences as debut authors. Moderator: Niki Wolf

  • Danielle Stinson, Phil Stamper, Ryan La Sala & Zack Smedley


Game Panel: Two Truths and a Pie, A Stage

Can audience volunteers tell when an author is lying? This popular party game is transformed for the YA space with hilarious author anecdotes and a Jenga tower that could come crumbling down at any minute!

  • Kristen Simmons, M.K. England, Mintie Das, Siobhan Vivian & Alexandra Monir
2:25 – 3:05 PM
Main Stage Panel: SLICE of Life

Family drama, first love, new schools, friendships won and lost–these stories feature everyday teens and the ups and downs they face. Moderator: Mia García

  • Ashley Woodfolk, Phil Stamper, Robin Ha & Ismée Williams


Mini Panel: Boo-BERRY, A108

Ghosts–both literal and figurative–haunt these stories. Moderator: Kristen Lippert-Martin

  • Mintie Das, Katie McGarry, Katy Upperman & Caroline Tung Richmond


Mini Panel: Once Upon a PIE, B Stage

Authors discuss writing modern stories inspired by fairytales and folklore. Moderator: Lelia Nebeker

  • Christina June, Anna Bright, F.C. Yee & Brigid Kemmerer


Mini Panel: Pride, not Prejudice, A Stage

Hear from authors who write LGBTQIA+ characters in different times in history, and how they researched and wrote those eras and characters. Moderator: Patricia Riley

  • Mackenzi Lee & Robin Talley
3:15 – 4:15 PM
Main Stage KEYNOTE: Brigid Kemmerer

In conversation with Phil Stamper

4:30 – 5:30 PM
Author Signing

Access to the signing will be determined by wristband color (wristbands are distributed during registration check-in). Please remain in the auditorium and listen for directions for when to line up for the signing.

*Note: This schedule may change prior to March 14th.